Understanding Numerology

According to numerology, everything that exists within the universe vibrates at a specific frequency. When you are able to identify the vibration rate of a particular object, you will be able to establish the energies and the qualities that are associated with that object.

Water Vibration

It is also possible to establish the major frequencies of an individual by using the principles of numerology and the name and birth date of that individual. A numerological analysis or numerology reading involves using the calculated frequencies as they relate to that person in order to obtain important information regarding that individual's character and personality.

By nature, the reduced vibrations are rather general. Basic vibrations are able to provide a general idea of information that can be helpful. In concluding a numerology reading, it should be noted that the characteristics that are associated with every vibration are both positive as well as negative.

Basic Numerology Calculations

There is a basic mathematical operation that is utilized in numerology. The numbers are reduced using simple addition. For example, let's consider the number 14. If you add 1 + 4 then you get 5. Along the same lines, if you took the number 1984 and add 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 then you would get 23. 23 can then be further reduced to 5 by adding 2 + 3.

In the practice of numerology, all numbers can be reduced to the single numbers 1 through 9 with the exception of 11 and 22 because they are the major vibration rates.

The letters in a person's name can be converted to numbers and then may be added together. These numbers can then be consequently reduced. For example, the letter A would be 1 and the letter B would be 2 and so on and so forth. Below is a chart that will show you all of the numbers as they are assigned to the 26 letters of the English alphabet:

Numerology Chart

Numerology Chart

When you apply these simple mathematical formulas to the numbers that are representative of an individual's name as well as their birth date then it is possible to establish four major core elements as well as more than a couple of dozen modifiers.

In practicing numerology, the birth date is often the first consideration. This date is expressed in a numerical fashion, such as mm/dd/yyyy. This date is used in order to establish the Lifepath Number as well as a host of other factors that are useful in a numerology reading.

The full birth name can also be converted to a number as well, as we have seen from the chart above. Generally, the full birth name that was recorded on the birth certificate is the name that is used in all numerology calculations.

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